Monday, August 18, 2014

Paul McCartney At Target Field

In early August Becker got tickets from work to see Paul McCartney perform at Target Field. The seats were amazing - row F on the field.

It was a bit of a zoo to get into the actual venue but once we were in we barely moved from our seats. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see him perform and we quite enjoyed ourselves. My personal favorites were Blackbird, Live and Let Die, and Let it Be. We were right in front of one of the large screens so I was able to snap some close pics of those:

There is a great write up of the show over at CityPages.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Rock the Garden 2014

Rock the Garden at the Walker Art Center was a two day event this year. We grabbed tickets to both days. The first day was Saturday, June 21st - the first day of summer - and the weather was so perfect for it.

I went with Danielle and Tim down to the concert to grab some good seats on the hill.

Jeremy Messersmith! Yes!


Striped tanktops!

Check out Becker's blonde mullet. HAH.

The guys on their phones.

More stage.

Ian and I!

Day 2. Weather wasn't as great and neither was the lineup! Dessa was the highlight for us on Sunday.

We drank through the other sets...

Rock The Garden is always a fun time. It was our sixth consecutive year attending! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ian Turns 18

My LITTLE brother turned 18 on July 2nd. What? We had a really nice family birthday party for him where we ordered in some pizza, had some ice cream cake, sang, and celebrated Ian.

Waiting for the cake after dinner.

The cake en route.

The cake arrival.

Waiting for the singing to cease...

Going for it...

Getting at it!

Still working...

These candles are insane...

Quick break from candle blowing out. He's 18, he can do whatever he wants.

Ahh! The sweet reward for blowing out all the candles!

Happy happy belated birthday brother Ian. It was a fun day to celebrate you. Let me know when you want to go to the casino!


Monday, July 14, 2014

4th of July In Iowa

We spend the 3rd - 6th of July in Dubuque, Iowa, with Becker's family. We had great weather and got to see a lot of family while we were in town.

Road Trippin'

We made it through road construction. Thumbs up. 

Hey guys....are we there yet? Don't mind that she has the entire backseat to herself with pillows and this car hammock to prevent her from falling in the space between the back seats and front seats.

Look at her eyelid lifting up! She couldn't resist sticking her head out the car window at 55 mph through Iowa. Fresh cornfield smells...Ahhhhhh.

We had beautiful weather for the drive down 52 to Dubuque, IA.

Iowa is so pretty!

Arrived in Iowa safe and sound on Thursday night. The next day was July 4th and we took a trip to Eagle Point Park which has the most beautiful views of the Mississippi River. We were all decked out in our patriotic gear, even Scout who got quite a few compliments on her scarf as we walked in the park! However...she was a fugitive in the park as they did have a sign that said no pets. She was well behaved though and we got away with it.

Happy 4th!

Beautiful day and view!

The ladies on the 4th.

Family pic (minus Quinn)

Later in the day we had a family get together at Becker's parents house where we grilled out, hung out, drank some dranks, and played Heads Up! on the deck until nightfall with about a dozen people.

Scout played with Stella, Linda's new puppy that was only 10 weeks old! She was so fluffy, they played well together though and tuckered each other out.

On Saturday we took a trip the Dubuque arboretum which I had never been to - it was so beautiful I couldn't believe it was my first time there!

This was one of my favorites.

A gecko statue!

The ladies kissing the toad!

It was a great weekend in Iowa and Scout did really well with new people and a new environment. I hope you also had a nice 4th of July weekend!


Monday, July 7, 2014

Scout's Personalized Dog Treats

Ann gave us a cookie cutter for the holidays that had Scout's name on it and a recipe for homemade dog biscuits! Probably the cutest thing I had ever seen.

Scouts Homemade Dog Treats

While Scout doesn't have any known allergies, I just love the idea of making dog treats at home so that you control everything that goes into them. They were very easy to do and she LOVED them. (Becker did try one too and said they just tasted plain, but not bad).

I ended up making my own recipe with what we had on hand - some beef broth, egg, chicken bouillon, whole wheat flour, and shredded cheddar cheese. I used the basic dog biscuit recipe for inspiration.

The dough was  pretty thick but after a while I got the hang of it. The recipe made a LOT of dog treats, we froze about half the batch.

Baking Dog Biscuits At Home

Scout's Personalized Dog Biscuits

Becker actually ended up cooking them on our Big Green Egg since it was a warm evening and we didn't want to fire up the oven. For the next batch I am going to use some pumpkin puree and see how she likes those.

Here is a cute picture of Scout after a rousing visit to the dog park:


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Minneapolis Farmers Market Tour: Midtown Farmers Market

About a month ago Becker and I biked over to Midtown Farmers Market for the first time. It was a pretty big one, and very close to our house. The bike there was quite easy for us.

Pleasantly surprised by the breakfast options! We each got a scramble and they were damn good on their own, but a healthy dousing of Sriracha was a necessity.

Also there was this farm with the best name ever:

They had live music and volunteers from the YWCA were playing games with kids in an open area - Ships Across The Ocean! That was fun to watch.

We ended up picking up some super fresh cheese curds (they squeaked!), radishes, and jalapeƱo bread. Great market, pretty big in size - would definitely recommend.